How to Draw the Body of a Cheetah and Cheetah Print?

Steps to Draw Cheetah and Cheetah Print :

  • Firstly, draw an oval — this will be the chest. Remember to draw these lines lightly, so you can cover (or even erase) them later with your final lines.
  • Add a circle behind, connecting it to the chest with a curve. Then It will be the hip area. Leave some space between your chest and hips.
  • Add a “6” in front. It will be the shoulder.
  • Add a curve to the tip of the “6” to create the top of the shoulder blade.
  • Draw the shoulder.
  • Add an oval for the hips.
  • Review the body.
  • Add the curve of the tail. It must be quite long.
  • To create the proper thickness, you can draw circles along the tail.
  • Check the tail.

How to Draw the Paws of a Cheetah?

Therefore, To measure the correct distance from the ground, draw a line just below the chest and add a little length. You don’t need to use a ruler — do it by eye.

  • Draw the base of the legs.
  • Mark the wrist and knee.
  • To create a more exciting perspective without overcomplicating it, we will place another pair of legs a bit above it. It will give you a sense of depth.
  • Draw another pair of legs, using a different posture to make the drawing more energetic. Use the first duos of legs to place the joints.
  • Don’t forget to add the shoulder of the other front leg!
  • Add the details of the joints: the wrists and ankles. Therefore, muscle mass gives volume to the legs.
  • Add the elbows and knees.
  • Add the calf muscles.
  • Draw the rough draft of the feet.
  • Draw the middle finger of each claw. Then, add a spur (“the big cat’s thumb”) and the carpals.
  • Add the outer fingers bent in the opposite direction, then the tips of the fingers — a small inverted “6”.
  • Add the pads where they are visible.
  • Draw the rest of the legs.

How to Draw a Cheetah Head?

  • Draw a triangular neck. It doesn’t have to be too long — you can reference the length of your shoulder blade.
  • Then add an oval for the head. I insist, not too big — cheetahs have tiny heads compared to their bodies!
  • Add a “facial cross” — a line going from the muzzle to the forehead and another across the eyes. It will offer us a reference point for other elements of the head. When you draw the cross, keep perspective in mind.
  • Draw large eye sockets. Therefore, It will help us place the eyes correctly without having to draw them at the moment.
  • Add the cheeks.
  • Add the snout, shaped like a sac.
  • Draw the chin and join it to the rest of the head.
  • Draw the nose area, and turn towards the eyes.
  • Add the nose to this area. Imagine it in three dimensions.
  • Now you can draw the eye area.
  • Draw the ears in the shape of petals.
  • Connect these petals with the head.
  • Draw the mouth and nose.
  • If you draw shapes on the sides of the bridge of the nose, you will come right up to the “eyebrows.”
  • Draw the lips, and eyes.
  • Draw the eyelids, which shape the eyes, and the mark that falls towards the lips.
  • Lastly, draw the entire neck.

How to Finish a Cheetah Print Drawing?

Therefore, The guidelines are finished. Now you can draw the final lines. Finally, you can lightly erase the sketch so it’s barely visible or lay a new sheet of paper on top.

  • Go over the body using smooth, broken lines to mimic fur.
  • Draw the legs with all their details. Unlike other cats, cheetahs only have semi-retractable claws, so they are partially visible at all times.
  • Add the details of the head. The whiskers are pretty short.
  • Fill in the nose, the mark, the ears, eyes too.
  • Add simple shading to the entire body.
  • Thus, It’s the turn of the stains! Cheetahs have a straightforward pattern: circles and ovals all over their bodies. So, first of all, mark them.
  • Fill in these spots.
  • There are small spots between the larger ones. Add them.

Lastly, add the shadow under the legs and the dark outline of the entire cheetah.

How to Draw a Cheetah Print?

How to Draw a Cheetah Print?

Therefore, Have you ever been required to make your cheetah print for a costume or textile plan for a bag? Of course, Thus the difference between a leopard spot and a cheetah spot is the shape. However, a cheetah print is straightforward to do. Just follow these simple steps.

Draw Cheetah Print – Step 1

  • Draw small circles, irregular ovals, or dots spaced from each other.
  • Color the spots with a shadow of gray or black and the spaces with orange.
  • Draw or color the details of the fur that slightly overlaps the spots; use the color orange.
  • Draw or color facts for effects around the spots: Thus use a dark color or shade of black on the other side of the areas.

Step 2

  • Draw small circles, irregular ovals, or dots spaced from each other. Color the sites with shades of black or gray.
  • Color the spaces orange and draw or color strokes light yellow.
  • Draw or color in additional yellow strokes to create fur effects.
  • Then, Refine the drawing and add color effects.

Step 3

  • Color the entire work area beige. Then use a lighter color and apply minor strokes to simulate fur.
  • Draw black dots. Make sure the spots are solid dark, so the pattern doesn’t get confused for leopard print.
  • Then, Add a little lighter beige over the first two coats avoiding and painting over the boundaries of some spots to give it a usual look.

 Step 4

  • Draw several points. Make them uneven, so they look natural.
  • Blacken the drawn points.
  • Erase the outer edges of the spots, so they look a bit jagged.
  • Copy the pattern made until it covers the entire workspace.
  • Duplicate the pattern made until it covers the entire workspace.


Therefore, It is a print that is so powerful that, generally, when creating a look with this characteristic, a single-color base is used to give prominence to the garment designed with animal print to avoid the effects of an ornate image. Another nuance to take into account is the size of the pattern.

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