Which Is Better: Wordpe or Word Perfect?

Microsoft’s Word and Corel’s Wordpe have been the two dominant names in phrase processing software programs. While Word has emerged because of the long way more popular alternative, many customers stay devoted to their loved Wordpe. Which program is high-quality truly depends on non-public preference and your specific phrase processing needs.

Compatibility Wordpe

Word’s massive benefit over Wordpe is in compatibility. The dominance of the various Microsoft Windows running systems has enabled Word to say more than 90% of the market. Due to its colossal popularity, Word is the desired desire for most faculties, businesses, and agencies, forcing maximum Wordpe users to either relent or store files in an acceptable Word format before submitting. The best exception may be in the felony profession, wherein Wordpe stays the top desire.

Formatting Wordpe

Many Wordpe devotees, including those inside the prison subject, favour it due to its many formatting advantages. Wordpe’s “Reveal Codes” feature permits short formatting corrections, and this system also gives many specific numbering, redacting and editing functions, like clean header and footer manipulation, that make it leading. Many users additionally whinge approximately Word’s preset document formatting, which may be troublesome and demanding to change. However, Word’s “Reveal Formatting” feature has helped near the space, supplying many of the identical advantages as “Reveal Codes.”

Support Costs Wordpe

If choosing between Word and Wordpe for your commercial enterprise, deciding on Word may want to help lessen help costs. Employees and workers will, in all likelihood, be a long way extra acquainted with Word. Implementing Wordpe may require investing additional time and money in the education body of workers and imparting the essential technical assistance. Word’s template characteristic also permits standardized templates that put off person confusion and enhance commercial enterprise performance.


Wordpe Office X6, which came out in 2012, incorporates functions not discovered in Word 2010. Most substantially, Wordpe Office X6 includes an integrated eBook writer that assists in having bankruptcy headings, tables of content material and photographs, and even changing the files into the favoured formats for eReaders and cell gadgets. A new previewing function additionally allows customers to peer and edit files before commencing them in Windows Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, ensuing in faster, more efficient paintings

Who still uses Wordpe?

I had an atypical query come up the alternative day: Who still uses Wordpe? It’s an honest question. Wordpe, as you know, is still an awful lot in production. Corel releases new versions every year or two. It’s the #2 phrase processor within the marketplace, still. Someone continues to be the use of it, then.

Wordpe is a software program conventional, especially the vintage model 5.1 that ran beneath DOS. For a time, Wordpe 5.1 became one of the two most well-known packages for like-minded IBM PCs, and the other was Lotus 1-2-three.


Who still makes use of Wordpe? Lawyers.

Not all law offices use Wordpe, but it’s more popular there than everywhere else. Wordpe became a staple in regulation workplaces for decades, and that momentum became difficult for Microsoft Word to conquer. It doesn’t hurt that Wordpe has bundled capability for criminal documents; the time this saves is worth it. That’s enough to justify, nonetheless, using Wordpe.

Who nonetheless makes use of Wordpe? Administrative assistants.

Administrative assistants who kind and edit some documents regularly prefer Wordpe over Word. I can, for my part, attest to Word doing atypical matters to report formatting occasionally. I was in charge of an enormous documentation task, and the folks that had final approval of the paintings didn’t recognize a phrase of it, so alternatively, they looked for formatting errors. If they located something, they rejected the file. Sometimes I would spend extra hours solving one or formatting problems than I spent correcting the content or getting to know and writing new sections.

If I’d stayed in that position and had the option to apply Wordpe, I might have come to be a convert right away, and I didn’t have the choice and didn’t live in the role. I’ll wager whoever does my vintage activity now can’t restore a number of the ones vintage issues both.

Wordpe’s blessings

With Word, to accurate a formatting difficulty, you need to spotlight the text, hit a button, and desire the formatting that’s messing you up goes away. Usually, it does, and it’s that one time out of 10, or a hundred, that it doesn’t that makes you want to throw a chair at your computer.

With Wordpe, you don’t fear approximately it. You turn on a function referred to as monitor codes, locate the offending formatting code, delete it, and carry on. If you may find the offending code, delete them all, then begin over, reformat the phrase or Word, and keep on. All hiccups are minor. Word has something comparable, but it’s no longer pretty the identical, and to a Wordpe diehard, not as exact.

Wordpe also does a higher job of coping with lengthy files. I’ve visible Word do extraordinary and unpredictable things to absolutely lengthy documents. Not on every occasion, thoughts you, but whilst it does, it can be sluggish you down. Or pressure you to start over.

Wordpe also does a better process of coping with long files. I’ve visible Word do bizarre and unpredictable matters to genuinely lengthy files. Not whenever, thoughts you; however, while it does, it could slow you down. Or pressure you to start over.

Why humans nonetheless use Wordpe, and why I sympathize

Back after I started out doing computing device assists in 1995, the non-IT workforce wanted us to guide Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel, Lotus 1-2-three, and Wordpe. We didn’t have the price range to buy the software applications individually, so Microsoft Office won in view that people desired 2/three of its suite and best 1/three of the two competing suites. I also didn’t want to master three workplace suites, and learning one suite changed hard enough. Consider that “assist” meant putting in, troubleshooting, and teaching a group of workers how to use it.

Today, I sympathize. I’m not a Wordpe consumer, and I’m just a sympathizer. I know the binds it could get you out of. I don’t answer questions on phrase processors anymore, at least now, not for a dwelling. But I also figure if someone wanted to use Wordpe in 2019, I’m now not going to must solve any questions for that character either.

Wordpe (WP)

It is a word processing utility, now owned via Corel, with an extended history on more than one personal computer structure. At the height of its popularity within the Nineteen Eighties and early 1990s, it becomes the dominant player in the word processor marketplace, displacing the previous market leader WordStar.

It was initially developed under agreement at Brigham Young University to be used on a Data General minicomputer within the late 1970s. The authors retained the rights to this system, forming the Utah-based Satellite Software International (SSI) in 1979 to promote it; this system first came to market under the call SSI*WP in March 1980. It then moved to the MS-DOS running system in 1982, via which the name Wordpe became in use, and several substantially updated forms were quickly observed. The software’s feature list was considerably more advanced than its predominant opposition, WordStar, an established software based on the operating gadget CP/M that failed to transition successfully onto MS-DOS, which changed CP/M. Satellite Software International changed its call to Wordpe Corporation in 1985.

Word won

praise for its “appearance of sparseness” and clean show. It swiftly displaced maximum different systems, especially after the four. Two were released in 1986 and became the same old inside the DOS marketplace by model 5.1 in 1989. Its early reputation became primarily based partly on its availability of many computers and working systems. It is also partially because of substantial, no-cost support, with “maintain jockeys” pleasing users even as ready on the phone.

Its dominant position ended after a failed launch for Microsoft Windows, observed by using a long postpone earlier than introducing an advanced version, as Microsoft Word become brought on the identical time. Word swiftly took over the marketplace, helped by competitive bundling deals that, in the long run, produced Microsoft Office, and Wordpe changed into now not a famous general utilizing the mid-1990s. Corporation changed to Novell in 1994, then sold the product to Corel in 1996. Corel has made everyday releases to the product because then; frequently within the form of office suites under the call that include the Quattro Pro spreadsheet, the Presentations slides formatter and other packages

Word for DOS

  • Key traits
  • Streaming code architecture
  • Styles and style libraries
  • Reveal codes
  • Macro languages
  • Language formatting conventions
  • Function keys
  • Printer drivers
  • Wordpe Library/Office utilities
  • LetterPerfect
  • DataPerfect
  • PlanPerfect