Live Bitcoin casinos are the focus of many bettors who love cryptocurrency stakes. Nothing beats seeing physical games and playing them right in your comfort zone. However, while conventional BTC platforms offer the benefit of using cryptocurrency to wager, not everyone enjoys looking at computer-generated imagery.

While live Bitcoin casinos are preferred by many bettors who enjoy realistic gameplay, not everyone is used to them. Punters used to playing alone might get overwhelmed by the live stream and make mistakes. This can also affect bettors who are used to playing physically at land-based casinos and not over a live stream.

Although these issues are numerous and stem from various factors, they can all be summarised under one thing-preparation. Unfortunately, many punters today are ill-prepared to play games at live Bitcoin casinos. Hence, this article will address this issue, providing bettors with the necessary tools for playing at live Bitcoin casinos.

5 Important Tools for Playing at Live Bitcoin Casinos

Before you play at a live Bitcoin casino, you’ll need a couple of tools. Some are software, and others hardware, but they’re nonetheless indispensable for visiting a live Bitcoin casino. 

These tools are outlined below:


A fast internet connection is the first thing you should consider when playing a live stream. Your internet needs to have as few pings as possible to enjoy gaming in a live crypto casino. That’s because you’ll need to communicate with the dealers and your opponents in real-time.

Luckily, most internet service providers (ISPs) provide data with speeds above 100 Mb/s. So, what better enables fast internet capability than a router? 

Routers are little machines that connect our smartphones or computers to our modems. Some versions can connect our devices directly to the internet without going through a modem. 

A modern router provides a service provider’s complete upload and download speeds to a connected device. This is something that most smartphones are incapable of, making routers a necessity. When you connect your smartphone to a router via WiFi, you can use the full capability of your ISP.

Although routers allow the full capability of an ISP to shine through, they’re not magic boxes. For example, if your ISP provides slow internet, you’ll experience lags when playing on a live crypto casino. The router can never increase your internet speed, as the ISP sets that.

Card Counting Software

If you’re playing live blackjack or live Texas Hold em poker at a live Bitcoin casino, you’ll need such software. Of course, experts at counting cards might not need this, but if you’re new to card games, it’ll help. This software takes over the responsibility of counting cards when you place your wagers.

Remember that using card counting software doesn’t guarantee a win at a live Bitcoin casino. You could use it and lose gloriously in all your games. So before using this software, you should also ensure that it’s not against the live crypto casino’s rules and regulations.

Getting card counting software for a live Bitcoin casino isn’t difficult, as this software is all over the internet. Smartphone users can also visit their respective app stores to get these applications.

Session Limit Calculator Software

Have you ever lost yourself in a casino game and spent more than you intended to? Anyone that’s had an unforgettable betting moment would have experienced this. So, get yourself a session limit calculator before you visit a live Bitcoin casino.

These handy programs ensure that a punter stays in a live Bitcoin casino for a particular period. Once the stipulated time has elapsed, the player will be disconnected from the live Bitcoin casino. This software is primarily available to computer users and is best for punters with bad wagering habits.

However, there are some important factors to keep in mind before using a session limit calculator for a live Bitcoin casino:

  • This software cannot stop you from reconnecting back to the live Bitcoin casino. 
  • However, doing that would make the software pointless.
  • As such, it’s best to stay offline when the session limit calculator does its job. You downloaded it for that reason, after all.

Blackjack Strategy Chart

One of the advantages of playing on an online betting platform is that you can play at your own pace. There’s no one rushing you, and you can take your time to ponder your moves before making them. However, although it’s the perfect setup for individuals new to casino games, it’s unacceptable at live crypto casinos.

Playing at a live crypto casino is like playing at a land-based casino; your moves are timed. So, you can spend forever thinking about your next move. 

A blackjack strategy chart is in order for punters playing live blackjack at a live crypto casino. This tool provides the most effective moves in a variety of situations. For instance, this chart shows you when to hit, stand, or surrender, and it’s very effective in the most mathematical casino game.

So, if you can purchase this strategy chart, you should do so. It’ll make your moves take less time when you’re at a live Bitcoin casino.

Deposit/ Session Limits

Unlike other live Bitcoin casino tools, you don’t need to purchase or download this one. A deposit limit is available at a live crypto casino, although many punters rarely use it. This tool prevents players from spending too much, limiting their deposits.

Most live crypto casinos usually provide the session limit, and it works just like the deposit limit. It guards against overspending and provides moments of clarity in a dopamine-fueled environment. If your live Bitcoin casino doesn’t have such tools, you can just practise a good bankroll management technique.


Visiting a live crypto casino leads to a fun-filled betting session, and the above tools will only enhance that. Of course, you don’t need all the tools stated above since most of them are game-specific. However, you should try getting a good router since all live casino games benefit from a stronger internet connection.