Registered Office – Definition – Property, Vehicles

The Registered Office addresses government bodies – primarily Companies House and HMRC, but possibly other agencies – may manage official communications, notices, and reminders relating to the company.

The company has received an official notice sent to its registered office address. Because of this, the company’s registered office address must be adequate for delivering documents to the company and its directors. It’s the company’s responsibility to ensure they access documents received at this address.

This helps provide corporate transparency, making it easy to see formally founded. On the other indicator, it does give an address to which some persons may choose to send unsolicited marketing. Partly for that motive, many companies select a registered office address different from their usual business address.

The initial registered office address is included in form IN01 when the company and, in many cases, will remain that address for the company’s entire life. However, the executives may later choose to change the company’s registered office address.

The Company Does with The Registered Office 

The primary prerequisite is that the registered office speech is readily available for a post. Where necessary, someone will need to be open to signing for documents received at the registered office address.

The person physically getting the documents does not have to be a captain or employee of the company. Still, the company must receive official documents sent to the registered office – even if, for example, they by a third-party mail delivery service.

They must also appear on a company’s

Business letters, emails and other correspondence

Other stationery

Invoices and order forms

Brochures and other marketing material



The company name and company registration number will usually also. In another article, we look at a company’s stationery in more detail.

The company name must usually also be at the address. A client or fellow of the public can opinion it.

Most companies interpret this condition as a sense that on a sign outside the registered office address, which helps comply with the Companies House condition that “The sign must be easy to read and to see at any time, not just when you’re open”.

Companies that have been dormant from the incorporation date are now exempt from the requirement to display the company name at their recorded address.

Registered Office Requirement during Company Registering

When combining a Company, it is important to declare its registered office and submit documentary evidence. Typically, the following papers must succumb while declaring an of a company during combination:

Electricity Bill / Water Bill / Property Tax Receipt

No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from Landlord 

Payment or Lease Contract between Landowner and the Company

It is imperative to note that the name and address stated on the power bill/water bill/property tax receipt match the NOC Certificate from Landlord and the Rental Agreement. Further.

The registered office cannot be available land or building understructure. Though, there is also no requirement for the listing office to be a commercial or manufacturing property. The listed office of a company can also be a residential property.

Businesses Act, 2013 provides the option for the company to declare a momentary address. The company must then be displayed by filing INC 22 within 15 days of incorporation of the company.

Registered Office Change

Once a company is declared by filing INC 22, any further changes to the company must come to the ROC. Within fifteen days, by filing the suitable forms.

In case of a change of a company, outside the local limits of any city, town, or village, the evolution must be approved by a special resolution passed by the company.

Supposing the company’s is different from one authority of a ROC to another jurisdiction. In that case, the change must be by the Regional Director of ROC. Visit India Filings for more information relating to the evolution of a company.

Registered Office of an LLP

The requirement for a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is very similar to a company’s registered office. Therefore, the ideas covered in this article are also applicable for an LLP, with changes to forms for declaration of the LLP.

The difference between a and the principal place of commercial

When a business is registered, the Australian Securities and Savings Commission (ASIC) needs the applicant to write a principal place of commercial than.

It can be suitable to list them as the same. However, it is not mandatory to do so. While both addresses need to be in Australia and cannot be post office boxes, you need to be aware of significant legal differences between the two.

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The company is the principal of the company to which all communication relating to the company by the governmental departments. The company’s promoters or LLP must declare the company’s during incorporation and maintain certain documents at the office. In this article, we evaluate the selection and maintenance process of a company’s office.

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