Red Hair with Blonde Highlights – Bright red hair color is an ultra-warm, intense shade of red-dyed into the hair in the form of highlights, an ombre, a dip-dye, or all-over solid colorings. Warning: this is not for the faint-hearted.

What are Highlights in Hair?

Hair highlights are a coloring technique that aims to lighten certain areas of the hair, seeking a contrast with the color of all your hair. The name that ha sure to this type of coloring is because this technique aims to simulate the effect that the sun’s rays have on the hair, especially in summer.

How to get Highlights in Your Hair?

After the Shades EQ Gloss, EQ Cream is a hair treatment that changes the hair color and has an acidic ph. This treatment is not a standard hair dye. It is a very versatile semi-permanent color that benefits the hair.

  • The product can be used both alone and mixed with other colors, always ensuring perfect hair conditioning.
  • Shades EQ is a very creamy  product with which you can get very deep and natural reflections in your hair. The first semi-permanent color with an acid pH helps maintain the lipids of the hair.
  • By maintaining the lipids in the hair, the product achieves gleaming, luminous and manageable hair.
  • The main functions of Shades EQ are to add reflections to the hair, revive it and correct it.
  • Highlights: with Shades EQ, you will intensify the color of your hair, whether it is natural or coloured hair. It also harmonizes the white coat.
  • Reviving: another of its advantages is that it restores the color of highlights or highlights and adds color to your hair when it has been lost.
  • Fix – The Shades EQ Red Hair with Blonde Highlights also evens out and unifies hair tones too vibrant to look.

Red Hair: What kind of Highlights Do I Choose?

Red Hair with Blonde Highlights – Highlights are one of the techniques that women demand the most. For this purpose, the best item is that you know how to choose the correct tone before doing them and thus achieve a natural and luminous result.

Why get Highlights?

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“If you wear your hair an even shade, it can look quite straight, and reflections are the perfect solution to add relief and movement. With this permanent coloring technique, your hair will gain nuances and be filled with lighter streaks of a more or less intense tone. It’s best to do them on the top of your hair to replicate light’s natural effect on your hair.”

What Tone Do I Choose?

“If your hair color is dark or coppery, opt for a slightly lighter shade of red hair. The same thing happens if your hair is intense red. Of course, you should choose a color within the same shades to obtain a natural, discreet and elegant result. As a general rule, redheads and blondes do not go well together as they are quite far from each other. Choose one or the other. It’s up to you!”

How can I Prevent my Roots from Showing?

Usually, if you don’t want to go extreme red, your hairdresser will make sure that the red hue of your hair and the ash brown color of your roots blend when coloring your hair. If not, you’ll work by teasing to maintain a slightly darker base. In this way, your seeds will be less visible, and you will be able to return to your salon less often.

How Long does this Coloration Last?

It all depends on your natural color, but you’ll need to get touch-ups every two to three weeks if you have white hair. The copper pigments tend to disappear, and the yellow ones stand out. Therefore, red hair is the most fragile Coloration.

To prevent spoilage, ditch your classic shampoo and use a sulfate-free version. Complete the care of your hair with pigmented products that fix the color to prolong the intensity of your highlights. One piece of advice: forget about products that contain alcohol! These cares open the scales of the hair fibers and let the pigments escape.

Treatments to Show off Beautiful Reflections

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Your pace of life, your diet, your hair habits, and even pollution impact the health and beauty of your hair. Does your hair look lifeless, or has it lost its shine? Our tips to get beautiful and bright reflections. Hair is the witness of your lifestyle. “If you’re tired, stressed or sick, your hair won’t be in top shape either. Pollution can also damage your hair, like water with too much chlorine. That’s why it’s necessary to take care of it and give it a hand to help it recover its vitality and brilliance”.

The first solution to show off beautiful reflections is the scalp massage. It costs nothing, and you can do it as many times as you want at home! “This gesture will not necessarily make your hair shine, but it will make it more beautiful. Massage your scalp to soften it and therefore oxygenate it. Do this massage as often as possible, starting, for example, with each wash.”

Red with Blonde Highlights

To make those reds pop more, paint over a lighter shade as an accent. Neon orange and bright fiery red with bright blonde highlights are analogous colors that go well with each other, so you can never go wrong! Vibrant red hair color ideas like this one are super hot right now.

How to Care for Contrast?

Contrast is a partial coloring technique that allows you to make reflection highlights in hair salons. This technique lightens your hair, giving it a “touch of the sun”. If you want to know what care the Contrast needs, follow the advice of our professionals.

Contrast needs daily care for the effect to be natural and add relief to your color. “When you are at home, use products specifically for blonde hair instead of products for coloured hair. You have not done a complete colouration but a partial one, so it is better to avoid shampoos that do not adapt to the care you need. Also, occasionally use a shampoo that neutralizes yellowish reflections to revive the brilliance of color”.

When you have made the Contrast and go back to the hairdresser, ask them to do a specific treatment to revive the Contrast. “A rinse or a glossary are some techniques that adapt to your case. you just have to talk to your hairdresser to advise you on the treatment that best suits your hair”.

Mistakes to Avoid

Red Hair with Blonde Highlights – To perfectly show off light reflections in your hair. You must take care of it correctly, but you must also avoid some of the mistakes that we will tell you about below: doing it on damaged hair, preventing the chlorine in the pool and protecting yourself from the sun’s rays.

We Detail it Below!

Do it on significantly damaged hair: keep in mind that the reflections and any coloring must be done on healthy hair that is not damaged. Moreover, it is advisable to perform them on hair that maintains its natural hair color.

Chlorine: chlorine is very aggressive for the hair, and as we have mentioned, it is advisable to highlight the hair on healthy hair. This chemical can cause the highlights in your hair to change color and turn greenish.

The sun is another of those responsible for making the hair dry and making the reflections in the hair change color. Therefore, we recommend that you do it for your hair just as you use sunscreen for your skin.


Red Hair with Blonde Highlights – Red streaks are a rare color alternative in hair. Through these inspirations, we see how each one adapts them to their style and the different ways of wearing them according to length and texture. Red balayage highlights look excellent on dark bases like black hair. By not touching the root, they are low maintenance. And the effect is subtle thanks to being done freehand.

Hence the different intensities of the red highlights in the example. In this case, the advantage is that blonde hair does not have to go through a bleaching process to adopt highlights.

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