Clear Magnetic Eyeliner Definition

Clear Magnetic Eyeliner – In both day and night makeup, the line on the eyes can transform the face. And the pencil and eyeliner are your allies to achieve the most varied effects in makeup

Eyeliner is an ancient art that women and men have done across cultures to define their looks. Fashions and styles have evolved, but, in reality, there is a specific eyeliner that favors each type of eye. So we have prepared a complete guide so that you can use your Nit black eye pencil to make a particular eyeliner for you

How to Use – Pencil or Brush Eyeliner

Clear Magnetic Eyeliner – To get the line of the eyeliner right, start at the outer ends and apply the product, little by little, near the root of the upper lashes. Tilt your head back slightly, then push the stroke up or to the side to ensure you don’t go wrong.

Also, make different tips: square, short, long, double. You can do everything! And if it wasn’t perfect, don’t despair. Fix it quickly, bypassing the flexible wands with a bit of base.

How to Use – Eye Pencil

how to use - eye pencil

To get the line of the eyeliner right, start at the outer ends and apply the product, little by little, near the root of the upper lashes. Clear Magnetic Eyeliner – Tilt your head back slightly, then push the stroke up or to the side to ensure you don’t go wrong.

Also, make different tips: square, short, long, double. You can do everything! And if it wasn’t perfect, don’t despair. Fix it quickly, bypassing the flexible wands with a bit of base.

How to Use – Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

clear magnetic eye liner

Unlike eyeliner, eye pencil can be incorporated into a second product, such as tinted eyeshadow. In this case, the shadow should be applied to the mobile part of the eyelid, the eyeliner in the color you want. Lastly, blend the two textures – the powder of the shadow and the creaminess of the pencil – with your fingertips. The result is a mix of colours and textures, either classic black, green or purple, from the Una Artisan collection.

Clear Magnetic Eyeliner – The black pencil can be used on all skin tones and eye colors. Faded or not, the colour works well in various situations. A tip to make the color of the pencil more marked – and make the makeup last longer – is to apply eyeshadow with an angled brush.

The Best Tips – Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

Tip 1: Eliminate Yourself

One of the basic steps to create amplitude and illuminate the look is to say bye to dark circles. And what better way to erase them than with the help of Instant Age Rewind. Correct and decorate in one step.

Tip 2: Design your Eyebrows

This step is super important to amplify your look. By creating the right eyebrow design that best suits your face, you will highlight your eyes. Remember always to keep them perfect and outline them with a product in a tone similar to the natural color of hair.

Tip 3: Add a White Eyeliner

Using a touch of nude or white eyeliner on the waterline of the lower lashes is essential to illuminate and create an amplifying effect. The effect should be subtle, not too noticeable, with a clear line to make it look natural.

Tip 4: Line the Lower Lash Line

Always try to frame your eyes with the help of shadow within the range you are applying makeup. Smudge it with an applicator brush to create a smokey sensation, subtly enlarging the look.

Tips 5: Lengthen your Outline

Whichever format of Maybelline liner you use in your eye makeup routine, try extending your upper lid liner to create a new shape on your eye. Simply by smudging upwards, either just the eyeliner or with the help of eyeshadow, you will achieve a very flattering effect.

Tip 6: Volume in your Lashes

Find your ideal type of mask and apply it without excuses! It is essential to create volume, lengthen and make your eyes look massive and seductive.

Tip 7: Use Light Shadow

Another excellent tip to make your eyes look bigger is to use shadows in light tones. Always apply it on the mobile eyelid and use a more golden shade on the brow bone and tear duct area to enhance the effect.
Here are the easy eyeliner removal methods:

Eye Dryer Gel

  • With the help of a square brush, you can easily pull gel eyeliners.
  • Hold the brush as close as possible to the bottom of your eyelid.
  • Create a line with smooth movements. Repeat with short lines to minimize the chance of making mistakes.

Pencil Eyeliner for Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

The calmest way to apply eyeliner is to use ones that are in liquid form.

  • Apply from where the lash line begins to the point where it ends.
  • Draw a thin line up to the outside where the whip ends.
  • Connect the point where your student is and the line you draw outside.
  • Complete the matching line.

How do you Line the Eyes Correctly for Beginners?

If we want to achieve a perfect eyeliner, we must take into account the following tips or tricks:

Avoid Hand Tremor

One of the problems when outlining the eyes is that your hands shake. The solution is straightforward. Sit down, place your elbow on a flat surface and rest your little finger on your cheek. It will help you stabilize your hand and make a perfect outline.

Use Tape

If you want a “cat-eye” type eyeliner, use adhesive tape to make a straight line. Also, before making the line, put a dot where you want it to end. It will make getting the exact length line on both eyes easier.

Use Dots or Dashes

If you find it hard to line your lashes, start by putting in a few dots or dashes and connecting them.

Cooldown the Pencil before Use

If you have a problem with your pencil crumbling because it is too creamy, store it in a freezer 10 minutes before use.

Make your Eyes Look Bigger

Use a white pencil for the lower lashes. That will make your eyes look bigger.

What are the Most Common Mistakes when Outlining the Eyes?

  • Not only do we want to teach you how to outline yourself, but we also want to give you some points to know what NOT to do.
  • These are the most mutual mistakes women make when outlining their eyes, making our looks not look as good as they should.
  • Stretch the skin when applying the eyeliner
  • It may seem that applying it this way is more accessible, but when the skin returns to its place, the result can be a disaster.

Stamped Eyeliner – clear magnetic eyeliner

It is a format that includes at one end an eyeliner in marker format and, at the other, a stamp to stamp that will help you paint the corner of your eye. It’s a good option if you’re starting and need a guide to help you make your wing-cat eye. Your application is effortless:

Line the eye with the part of the marker as you would typically do without painting the corner.
Paint the seal with the marker and stamp at the end of the eye to remove the corner.
Leave it for a few seconds so that it is well marked.
Remove the stamp and fill in with the marker or with a finer tip eyeliner to complete the line or mark any part that has not been painted well.

kohl Pencil – clear magnetic eyeliner

Kohl is a type of eye pencil that lead, a mixture of minerals and charcoal whose origin dates back to Ancient Egypt.

The kohl pencil is a very intense eyeliner makeup that we recommend only on the waterline because it stains a lot, so it can be challenging to do the eyeliner on the mobile eyelid. For this same reason, we recommend applying it before putting on makeup to avoid staining your makeup.

How to Fix Post-Application Errors of Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

If you come across some errors while applying the eyeliner, don’t worry; For the first time, in particular, it should be taken into account and considered relatively as normal. You have to practice a little, and everything will be more straightforward and immediate.

There are two methods of intervention in these cases:

A Cotton Swab with Micellar Liquid

You can intervene with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water but not with a biphasic or waterproof makeup remover. It will also melt the amount of product you apply afterwards. This technique can be helpful if you need to slightly thin one of the lines on the eyelid so that the eyeliner applied to both eyes is symmetrical and identical.

Cotton Swab + Concealer

You can also proceed with a concealer, as long as you use it correctly after everything has dried properly.

Conclusion for Clear Magnetic Eyeliner

Eyeliner application has always been a feared beauty technique, especially by women less experienced in makeup. It is a fundamental step for irresistible and magnetic eye makeup, but it is not easy to do.

The eyeliner, or eyeliner, is a line, more or less thin, made from the upper eyelid of the eye and continues beyond the outer corner of the eye to create an ascending comma capable of lengthening the look and making it more profound and more magnetic. There are several techniques: the cat’s eye to the graphic line of the fifties, choosing according to the shape of the eye, or improving it to the maximum.

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